August 5, 2015

Director / Art Director: Ryan Speers
Editor: John Sawyer
Screen Talent : Danielle Maddox, Catherine McCafferty
Director of Photography / Camera Op: Ryan Speers
Post Production Supervision: John Sawyer
Compositor: John Sawyer
Benz Digital Camera Op: Andrew Benz
Hair: Sarah English
Make-up: Orlando Barsallo, Politimi Tsiftilis
Wardrobe: Maggie DiBardino
Sound Designer: John Sawyer

Chicago Stage

Stage, Camera, and Equipment: Benz Digital
Benz Digital Gaffer: Andrew Benz
Gaffer: Cha-Chi
Stage Manager: Maggie Ness

Los Angeles Stages

Stages: Ryan J. Speers Photography, Digital Dust, Alex Frankel
Equipment: Digital Dust, Alex Frankel, Samy’s Camera, Borrow Lenses, Lens Rentals

Special Thanks to: Dolly Speers, Jim Speers, Thomas McMahan, Alex Frankel, The Cast & Crew

Producers: Ryan Speers & John Sawyer

Production Company: Ryan Speers Photography

Filmed in:
Los Angeles, Death Valley, Malibu, Lancaster, Agua Dulce

Chicago, Rockton

This is a demo reel for nonprofit purposes and were not paid to produce it. This is not an actual commercial/film and only used to showcase our portfolio and skills. It will not be shown or broadcast elsewhere.