From the album Portrait released by De Stijl Records.

Conceptualized by Cory Popp & Kevin Baker.
Purely inspired by the raw emotion and gritty nature of CDY’s music, this video is an attempt at a visual representation of those conscious, or subconscious, mental reactions.
Director / DP – Cory Popp (
1st AD – Seth Farley
Assistant Camera – Tony Choy-Sutton
Rat Wrangler – Arianne Keegan
Smoke Wrangler – Kendra Nguyen
Edit, Color and Compositing by John Sawyer

Featured on Vogue.Fr on September 26th, 2011.
Special Thanks to Amanda Hart, Justin Wilkinson, Brian Pinyero, Eric “Wally” Frankel and Creepy 1 and 2.