John Sawyer…

Is a post production professional who specializes in nonlinear editing. He was born and raised in Fowlerville, MI and currently resides in Chicago, IL. He graduated from Fowlerville High School in 2003 with a strong interest in music production and digital art & design. Based on those interests, John attended Lansing Community College (MI), where he spent 3 years studying audio production. It was at LCC where John was introduced to film and digital post production for the first time. The combination of sight and sound in one medium gave him the opportunity to be even more expressive with his creativity, and digital production. This new medium lead John to search elsewhere for a private school to compete his degree in post production.

John completed his degree in 2009 at Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film and Video and a minor in post production. Since graduation, John has been freelancing to the greater Chicago area and across the country. He has been employed by several creative agencies and production houses throughout the years producing content for film, Television, commercial broadcast, web, fashion, corporate, music videos, and social media.

John prides himself on knowing what works and what makes its way to the cutting floor. This is done by staying on top of trends and the ever-changing technology of his industry. He’s been fortunate enough to work with an array of fantastic clients and collaborators, with results to match. Over the years his fearless jack-of-all-post-trades approach has landed him the reputation of being a master within his trade. John is able to take on any job confidently and overcome all obstacles professionally, and creatively. In addition to working on client productions, John continues to work on personal projects to help him achieve new methods of visual storytelling, and experiment with new post production technologies and techniques that advance his post production toolkit.

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Post Production Supervisor Digital Imagining Technician 3D Rendering & Animation 3D Graphic & Animation NLE (Non-Linear Editing) Production Consultant Motion Graphic Design Photogrammetry Color Correction Troubleshooting Conceptualizer Web Designer Story Telling Compositor VO Talent VFX Artist Mac VFX Supervisor Sound Designer

Software / Proficiencies

9+ Years Experience )
Graphic & Motion Graphic Design Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro Music Composition Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Final Cut Pro Legacy (7) Color Grading Sound Design Compositing Web Design NLE VFX

5+ Years Experience )
Post Production Supervision Digital Imaging Technician Final Cut Pro X DVD & BluRay Authoring Adobe Speedgrade Adobe Illustrator Digital 3D Design Adobe Audition VFX Supervisor Element 3D Voice Over Producing Cinema 4D Directing

Clients and Collaborators